Validate your Enterprise Architect models

✓ Automatically check the validity and quality of your models using validation rules
✓ We will create a tailored model validation for Enterprise Architect according to your requirements
✓ LieberLieber Model Validation automatically creates a detailed error report and metrics for you

During the development stage, models are often faced with serious challenges regarding the type of modeling, the use of the modeling language and the implementation of the chosen methodology. Only valid models can finally produce error-free documentation, code or other development products.

Many modeling requirements can now be automatically checked so that errors can be identified with ease.

The LieberLieber Model Validation is a framework that offers you tailored, high-performance model validation, optimally integrated into the Enterprise Architect modeling platform.


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We can offer you the right model validation solution, regardless of which modeling language you use (UML, SysML, BPMN, etc.).

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