Diffing & merging as key asset for team-based modeling

Versioning with Enterprise Architect is getting “fresh”. Model Versioner goes LemonTree!
ModelVersioner goeas LemonTree

The highlights of LieberLieber Model Versioner for Enterprise Architect:

3-way diffing and merging of Enterprise Architect models
Parallel editing of models through optimistic model versioning
Seamless integration with Subversion
✓ Branches of models (longer-term, parallel development of versions and variants)
✓ Changes are visualized clearly and understandably for review(including preview)
Adaptable and customizable merge rules
✓ Diagram merge and merge preview
Integration with versioning systems

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Diffing and merging of models
The most important function of LieberLieber Model Versioner is the diffing and merging of different model versions. Standard approaches use line- and text-based applications that do not suffice for graphic models. Only the fine-grained 3-way diffing algorithm that considers the model’s graph structure allows an exact comparison between two models. This 3-way comparison for models that includes the basis version has now been realized in LieberLieber Model Versioner. It enables calculation of changes in the current model versions; for each version it is calculated which property of a model element has changed. These changes are presented to the user in an intuitive, easy-to-understand fashion.


Display of changes and conflicts in model versions
In addition to performance, the user-friendly display of diagram changes and ensuring model validity is an important component of a modern mdel versioning system. These requirements have been implemented in LieberLieber Model Versioner. Conflicts between two model versions must naturally be resolved when they are merged. Automating this process can be achieved through various strategies, but a manual procedure often can’t be avoided. Changes and conflicts are often easy to display for the user. Changes to graphic models usually take place on the diagram level and must also be shown there. Therefore, the LieberLieber Model Versioner lists the calculated differences of two Enterprise Architect models in a finely-granulated way next to each other and visualized them in the current diagram.

One of the biggest challenges in this process is maintaining performance (speed and resource consumption) when, for example, it is necessary to compare models with hundreds of thousands of model elements and connectors. This is especially true when combined with a versioning system like Subversion or Git.


Integration with your versioning system
The LieberLieber Model Versioner can be seamlessly integrated into existing versioning systems, currently wth Subversion or, for example, Tortoise. This enables the centrally and automatic management of model versions. It also enabls parallel editing of models in a team, as has for years been a common approach when editing source code. Model Versioner for Enterprise Architect is referred to as a Diff & Merge Tool for Subversion as soon as a model is checked into the central repository.


Regardless of which modeling language you use (UML, SysML, BPMN, etc.) we are able to support you with a suitable model versioning solution. Contact us today for a demonstration or an individual offer.