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Put our strong competence in model-based development to work for you


Ever-greater demands on development and the growing complexity of software and systems development call for new approaches to achieve sustainable solutions. Document-based approaches are increasingly reaching their limits. With model-based development you can solve a number of problems while increasing productivity. With the help of models and modeling, even complex systems can be clearly displayed and recorded.

Purchasing a modeling tool like Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect, however, is often just the beginning. The true power of a tool can only be unlocked when the user is well trained in its methodology and application.

Use our know-how to make your project or your company fit for model-based development. Our experts have many years – some even decades – of experience in modeling and model-based development, and are regarded as proven, experienced experts, consultants and trainers…whereby numerous areas of competence are addressed for which we can offer custom-fit training. This always encompasses methodical know-how as well as practical tool training with Enterprise Architect and/or LieberLieber extensions.

Topics and Competencies

Model-based software development with UML
Model-based systems engineering with SysML and the control chain method
Model-based development for commercial applications
Model-based development for embedded systems, code generation and model-level debugging
Model-based requirements management
Model-based development for Internet of Things (IoT)
Model-based agile development
Enterprise Architect as extendible platform

Naturally, we are also able to put together custom training courses, and offer individualized consulting. Contact us today to learn more.

Our Experts

Roman Bretz is an expert in model-based software development and software architecture. Over many years he has gained a wealth of knowledge in the domains of medical technology and agile development.

Dr. Konrad Wieland is an expert in modeling and model-based software development in the most diverse domains. While completing his dissertation at the Vienna University of Technology he published a host of articles on team-based modeling and software configuration management. Since 2012, as Consultant and Product Manager at LieberLieber he has continued to expand his expertise in these and other areas in and around Enterprise Architect.

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