Model Engineering with Enterprise Architect

Model Engineering is a software development methodology which focuses on creating and exploiting domain models. The approach is meant to increase productivity by maximizing compatibility between systems, simplifying the process of design and promoting communication between individuals and teams working on the system.

LieberLieber is specialist in Model Engineering using Enterprise Architect (EA) from Sparx Systems enhanced by LieberLieber`s EnArWEB and EA-Add-On AMUSE. If you want quality and efficiency in your system development and need to comply with different standards while following internal processes, we are the ones to offer you the appropriate enhancements, adaptations or plug-ins to optimise your tool chain.

Our products and services:

enar autosar engineer suite - AUTOSAR-Modeling with Enterprise Architect
enar systems engineer suite - Improved SysML modeling with Enterprise Architect
enar connector - Integrated solutions create competitive advantage
enar uml2code - Combine model based with established development methods
enar uml debugger - graphical UML debugger


Enterprise Architect - Adaption, Add-Ons and Plug-Ins for EA
Enterprise Tester - Test Management Platform by Catch Ltd.


AMUSE - Advanced Modeling Using Simulation and Execution
EnArWEB - Direct Web Access to Enterprise Architect
EnArSpy - Easy help for EA Plug-In developers
EnArPowerTools - Power enhancement for Enterprise Architect