Multitouch Applications to inspire your Customers!

We create bespoke solutions to satisfy the excitement need of  you and your customers. Tradeshow Applications on 5 meter wide Multitouch-Walls, Shopping windows interacting with your customers outside of opening hours, POS solutions with self-service kiosks or geospatial  management information systems on large screens with multitouch and object interaction. There is hardly a limit, neither in possibilities nor in costs. Thus we offer you a feasibility check and a profitability analysis based on your ideas or needs.

You have got your own application but no multitouch frontend?

We can support you or build a multitouch frontend based on your solution to create a fascinating user experience on large format or transparent displays, Win8 tablets and even for Multitouch Walls!

The best hardware for your solution !!!

Our hardware partners were chosen by us due to their special strengths in specific application scenarios.

We have checked the different systems and displays in various scenarios and provide advice based on your use cases.

As a Microsoft gold partner we are able to deploy our multitouch solutions to a variety of devices using the Windows platform. Most of the times you will find the perfect systems or display for your solution, but it can be that it makes sense to support different screen sizes, multitouch walls, tablets, Windows 8 devices, cell phones or web browsers - all woth one solution!

We are ready to support you in your multitouch endeavor!