Code Generation

for Embedded, Co-Simulation and More

Generate Code

from UML & SysML and benefit from total traceability



C & C++ Code Generation

UML & SysML Code Generation, specifically for embedded development

Debugging on target systems

Debugging incl. Breakpoints on the model level for UML

Requirements Tracing

Link requirements in the model and find them right away in the generated source code

Code generation adaption

Coding-guidelines-compliant source code with a single adaption of the code generator

Misra Compliant

Generate ANSI C (Misra-Compliant) and C++ source code, User Code Synchronization, ready for real-time systems

User Code Sync

Integrate the generated code seamlessly with your existing source code

Modeling Platforms

Other modeling platforms can be supported on demand.


Hirschmann Car Communication
If we want to keep our lead, then we also have to continuously optimize our tools. In addition, our high quality requirements dictate that we must know our tools very well, and also exploit the possibilities within them. It is our desire to live quality in all areas and Embedded Engineer provides excellent support for us in this domain.



Thomas Adam
Head of Technology & Innovation, Hirschmann Car Communication

Hilti Power Tools
When implementing other code generators, these requirements were not fulfilled. Therefore, it soon became clear that the approach of LieberLieber was very practical and promising for us. Since during code generation activity diagrams and state machines play the greater roles, the internal learning curve can be reduced to one week. After this time, our developers can already model on their own and generate runnable code – another very positive surprise



Dr.-Ing. Michael Fuchs
Software, electronics & drives

LieberLieber’s approach is very pragmatic: You can continue to use existing software and still switch to a model-based approach when it makes sense. This makes it much easier for us to decide on the fly whether or not to take this step. This also allow us to intensify our cooperation with LieberLieber on an ongoing basis, trying out new things over and over again.

Klaus Kindl
Founder and CEO – Petwalk Solutions

LieberLieber Software: Hirschmann makes waves with Embedded Engineer

Hirschmann Car Communication is a leading German supplier of transmitter and receiver systems. The company has long based its systems development on Enterprise Architect. Now, in a preliminary project for a remote tuner, LieberLieber Embedded Engineer is...

HILTI chooses Code Generator

Following exhaustive tests, the renowned construction industry supplier Hilti decided on LieberLieber’s Embedded Engineer for Embedded Systems for Enterprise Architect. Vienna/Kaufering next Munich - Following exhaustive tests, the renowned...


Combine both worlds in our Low-Code Platform.


UML Debugging in sync with Code Visualization of hardware breakpoints in both model and code



Code Generator Adaptation

Embedded Engineer can be used as an extension for Enterprise Architect as well as for other modeling tools. To best incorporate Embedded Engineer into your day-to-day work, we’ll configure the tool according to your coding guidlines or other requirements. If necessary, we may even extend its range of functionalities.


Our Support Team is ready to help you work with Embedded Engineer as comfortably as possible. We will incorporate your experience gained from using Embedded Engineer to continually improve its functionality and effectiveness. Don’t hesitate to contact us – we’ll find the right solution for you!


We have training specialists with years of project knowledge standing by to ensure you receive the greatest benefit possible when using your system. Ask us for a Webinar or an in-house training to freshen up your skills!

Embedded Engineer 3.5.1 for Enterprise Architect

You may use LieberLieber Embedded Engineer for Enterprise Architect for 30 days without a license. When you download this file, you automatically agree to our Terms & Conditions.

Embedded Engineer 3.5.1 for MagicDraw

You may use LieberLieber Embedded Engineer for MagicDraw for 30 days without a license. When you download this file, you automatically agree to our Terms & Conditions.

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Unlock the potential of Embedded Engineer

Ever-greater demands on development and the growing complexity of software and systems development call for new approaches to achieve sustainable solutions. Document-based approaches are increasingly reaching their limits. With model-based development you can solve a number of problems while increasing productivity. With the help of models even complex systems can be clearly displayed and recorded.

Purchasing a modeling tool like Enterprise Architect, however, is often just the beginning. Especially when working with a sophisticated extension like LieberLieber Embedded Engineer, training is essential to achieve the best results. The true power of a tool or an extension can only be unlocked when the user is well-trained in its methodology and application. So, please ask us for a customized training or consulting that complies with your demands.


Topics and Competencies

  • Model-based software development with UML
  • Model-based systems engineering with SysML and the control chain method
  • Model-based development for commercial applications
  • Model-based development for embedded systems, code generation and model-level debugging
  • Round-trip Engineering with Enterprise Architect and Embedded Engineer
  • Traceability from Requirements to Code
  • Model-based development for Internet of Things (IoT)


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Daniel Siegl

Daniel Siegl

Business Developer

Thanks to our ever-expanding partnerships in recent years, we are seeing a growing demand for our Embedded Engineer. With the new release 2.0, we are giving developers in the embedded environment an even more powerful tool providing a UML debugger, which makes it easier and faster to create C and C ++ code, and to synchronize self-written code with the model at any time. Contact us now for a Web Demo!


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