Hirschmann Car Communication is a leading German supplier of transmitter and receiver systems. The company has long based its systems development on Enterprise Architect. Now, in a preliminary project for a remote tuner, LieberLieber Embedded Engineer is being used to generate executable source code from their UML system model. Hirschman Car Communication employs 140 engineers in the areas of industrial engineering, development and design, and measurement and test engineering. Dennis Drews is a software engineer at Hirschmann: “A colleague recommended LieberLieber Embedded Engineer to us, which we thoroughly tested and then presented internally. Today I would say that if you’re using Enterprise Architect, you should also be using LieberLieber products. Embedded Engineer has proved to be a high-quality tool and has faultlessly generated running software from the model.” Developers used LieberLieber’s help website and email support. “We quickly developed the two state machines in C and optimized the model in such detail that we did not have to dive into the automatically-generated code! This is an ideal condition for us, which we were able to achieve thanks to LieberLieber’s excellent tool,” Drews concludes. “We are very proud to have Hirschmann Car Communication, one of the leading providers in the automotive supplier industry, among our customers. The fact that our Embedded Engineer tool was able to meet the high quality requirements in this project reinforces us in our own drive to meet such high levels of quality. In order to create innovative products one also needs excellent tools, which we are constantly working to improve,” explains Daniel Siegl, CEO at LieberLieber. Disruptive technology ensures competitive edge The remote tuner modules are a disruptive technology for Hirschmann Car Communication: They move the receiver technology closer to the antenna from the head unit, thus making an additional amplifier unnecessary. The digital transmission is then no longer via several, expensive co-axial cables, but via a single, cost-effective cable. “As a leading manufacturer, we want to introduce such disruptive technologies as quickly as possible, even if they change the current way of doing business. In our field, technical advancement gives us a key competitive edge that distinguishes us from our competitors. We must always be ready to enter new territory,” explains Thomas Adam, Head of Technology & Innovation. In order to be able to hold this decisive market advantage, developers are of course glad to support development of the best tools available on the market. At the beginning of the project, when software code requirements were higher than what could directly be achieved with Enterprise Architect, Drews was pleased to learn of LieberLieber Embedded Engineer: “If we want to keep our lead, then we also have to continuously optimize our tools. In addition, our high quality requirements dictate that we must know our tools very well, and also exploit the possibilities within them. It is our desire to live quality in all areas and Embedded Engineer provides excellent support for us in this domain.” The positive experiences from the preliminary design phase have now been passed on to serial production, where the next steps for the production of the remote tuner modules will now be initiated. See a demonstration video here:

About Hirschmann Car Communication

Hirschmann Car Communication GmbH, based in Neckartenzlingen near Stuttgart, Germany, is one of the world’s leading specialists for transmitter and receiver systems in mobole communication. Their portfolio of innovative solutions covers antenna, tuner and infotainment systems with radio and TV modules for the automotive industry, as well as customer-specific M2M and telematics solutions. Hirschmann Car Communication has over 1,000 employees in locations in Germany, Hungary, France, China, Mexico and the USA, as well as a development partnership in the Ukraine. The fiscal year 2017 (03/2016 – 02/2017) saw global turnover of EUR 153 million. In 2012, Hirschmann Car Communication became part of VOXX International Corporation (USA).