Complete solution for testing and debugging embedded software on the model level

Vienna/Lauta, 25. November, 2014 – In the first week of December, at the Embedded Software Engineering Congress 2014 in Sindelfingen, Germany, LieberLieber Software and PLS Programmierbare Logik & Systeme will present their continuous tool chain for the testing and debugging of embedded software on the model level. Using this new comprehensive solution, developers using Enterprise Architect (EA) to develop model-based embedded software will also be able to test and debug their work directly in the model. Among other benefits, this saves a lot of time when generating C code. Another big advantage is that already-existing code is maintained.

This jointly-developed solution suite from LieberLieber Software and PLS combines the LieberLieber UML Debugger, the first graphical UML debugger integrated into Enterprise Architect (EA), with the Universal Debug Engine (UDE), a development environment for the development and testing of embedded software. The UML debugger is part of the ‘LieberLieber Embedded Engineer’ suite and is based on ‘LieberLieber uml2code’, a code generator for embedded systems. The code generated by a compiler of the customer’s choice can thus be transferred directly to the hardware. Subsequently, the ‘LieberLieber UML Debugger’ is connected to the target system. The integrated visualization module allows testing and debugging of code on the graphical model level.

Both the Code Generator and UML Debugger from LieberLieber Software support class and activity models as well as state machines. The software and hardware tools from PLS are available for different CPU architectures, microcontrollers and compilers. “This unique combination will significantly simplify and accelerate the work of developers who create embedded software on the basis of Unified Modeling Language (UML), especially since it can be implemented straight into already-running projects. With the continuous tool chain, for the first time we enable users to efficiently use model-driven approaches in embedded software development together with already-existing code,” says Daniel Siegl, Managing Director at LieberLieber Software. Roman Bretz, CTO of LieberLieber Software, adds: “The broad range of microcontroller platforms supported by PLS ensures that developers really develop their software model for the desired platform, while testing and debugging can be instantly carried out.”

Thomas Bauch, Managing Director at PLS, underlines the numerous advantages to users of this cooperative venture: “Similar to LieberLieber Software, at PLS we have also seen a clearly growing interest for model-based embedded developments for some time. However, what has been missing up to now in this interesting pioneering market is a suite of optimized solutions for the testing and debugging of software developed for specific hardware at the model level. We open up entirely new opportunities for embedded developers through close cooperation with the Enterprise Architect specialists, which ultimately helps save a great deal of time and money.”