Generate Code from UML/SYSML for Improved Traceability

Generate Misra-compliant C/C++ code to enhance traceability from your requirements to your source code using Embedded Engineer 3.0

Live Webinar

“Generate Code from UML/SYSML for Improved Traceability”

May 27, 2020 – 15:00

Daniel Siegl & Richard Deininger

English, No participation fee


Code generation is an important approach to increase the efficiency of software development projects. In addition, it helps to comply with ISO standards, since a continuous traceability can be established and maintained along the entire V-Model. Thus, it is possible to assign individual code blocks to specific requirements.

Especially in the “embedded area” it is often useful to perform a static analysis of the code (e.g. scheduleability, resource consumption, etc.). Generated code can be analyzed more easily than generic code.

Furthermore, an important reason for code generation is that you as a developer want to “program” your application on a higher abstraction level than it is offered by the programming language/platform. This is especially useful in the context of product families and domain-specific models. The generator will create platform-specific implementation code from the abstract models.


We take the release of our latest version of Embedded Engineer 3.0 as an opportunity to create a webinar for you, in which we would like to address the following questions:

  • Why have you already “won” if you only generate .h files?
  • Where are the advantages of code generation in general?
  • Do I always have to model everything?
  • How can I trace requirements down to the source code and use the great advantages of traceability?
  • Customizations or Adaptations? How can I modify the generated code?
  • How about Round Trip Engineering?

It is our desire to live quality in all areas and Embedded Engineer provides excellent support for us in this domain.

Thomas Adam

Head of Technology & Innovation, Hirschmann Car Communication

Embedded Engineer is already established on the market in its 3rd generation. New highlights, such as the smart code editor, we do not want to hide from you.

We would like to invite you to this exciting webinar!

Stay healthy!


New Version: Embedded Engineer 3.0

We were very happy about the numerous, positive echo about the last Embedded Engineer version. We have included a new license mechanism and improved the usability by many new features for better code generation out of your UML and SysML models.

The Highlights are:
• Support for floating server and offline licenses
• Added code editor with code completion and syntax highlighting
• Added support for multiple generation languages
• This new version now automatically includes a 30 day demo period!

All customers with valid support/maintenance are entitled to update to the new license.


Try Embedded Engineer 3.0 now and download the latest version here: