Cover des Whitepaper "Model Driven Digital Health"

An initiative for targeted digitalisation in the healthcare sector

In the Whitepaper “Model-driven digital health”, Oliver Matthias Kipf, Solution Lead at BIX (a Boehringer Ingelheim company), presents the many opportunities that a healthcare system whose development is based on a model-based approach can offer. SparxSystems Central Europe and LieberLieber welcome this initiative and support the vision outlined in the Whitepaper.

Large and small healthcare systems around the world are now looking for new and better ways to respond to the changing healthcare landscape. We recommend a model-driven approach as the basis for planning, building and operating digital health solutions. By using industry standards and best practices, “model-driven digital health” becomes an important enabler for establishing a culture of quality and organisational excellence within and between organisations and for realising the vision of digital health. At the same time, modelling provides important impetus for the standardisation that is ultimately required for the success of digital health.

At the centre of digital health is the human journey through the healthcare system. Along this journey, many players work together to deliver services, provide and use products, vaccines and medicines, and generate and utilise data. “Model-driven digital health” offers added value for every player and their interactions in the entire healthcare ecosystem.

With this in mind, be inspired by “model-driven digital health” and let us know what you think. We look forward to working with you to set the course for a model-based healthcare system!