LieberLieber and IncQuery have a long-standing partnership around model-based development with Enterprise Architect and LemonTree. This collaboration has now resulted in the AUTOSAR-UML Bridge by IncQuery, a powerful solution for bridging the gap between AUTOSAR and UML. It enables developers to streamline the development process and improve the overall efficiency of system design. In this webinar, LieberLieber and IncQuery present for the first time the functionality and benefits of the AUTOSAR-UML Bridge in the development of software for the automotive industry. The focus is on simplifying system design, accelerating development and reducing errors. In the webinar, the AUTOSAR-UML Bridge will be demonstrated live using real use cases. Whether you are a software developer, software architect or systems engineer: This webinar will provide you with valuable insights on how to improve your productivity and optimise your system design with IncQuery’s AUTOSAR-UML Bridge.

Tight integration with LemonTree

The IncQuery AUTOSAR-UML Bridge is tightly integrated with LieberLieber’s LemonTree, a state-of-the-art diff-and-merge tool for Enterprise Architect. This integration allows Automotive Systems or Software Engineers to use LemonTree’s capabilities to easily follow up on AUTOSAR changes, by re-importing and safely merging into the Enterprise Architect UML project. This way, UML stakeholders can stay in synch in every project iterations, without having to waste time on manual reviews and data reentry.