This webinar will discuss synergy between LemonTree and Parallel Agile CodeBot® to intelligently manage Enterprise Architect (EA) SysML/UML models for large teams of developers working in parallel.

CodeBot is a full stack application generator that creates a database, user interface code and an API that connects the screens to the database. The generated API and React.js web-app can be deployed automatically in our cloud service, or downloaded and hosted elsewhere. From an MBSE perspective, CodeBot greatly accelerates the development of SysML Behavior models by transforming EA models into working code.

In this webinar we’ll demonstrate how to use CodeBot in conjunction with LemonTree by reviewing an example SysML design, a simulator for a fictitious “Very Short Range Air Defense System” (aka VSRADS) that detects and kills mosquitoes with a laser beam while leaving other insects alone.  We will use this example to illustrate best practices for EA version management using LemonTree.

You can find more information about Codebot here

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17. December,  2020 2pm (EST) / 11am (PST) / 20:00 (CET)

Doug Rosenberg,
Daniel Siegl, LieberLieber



No participation fee