LemonTree.Connect for Enterprise Architect

LemonTree.Connect allows users to synchronize requirements, model attributes, and links and references between ALM Tools and Enterprise Architect. This makes it even easier to navigate back and forth between two platforms while the development data is automatically synchronized.

The codeBeamer ALM – Enterprise Architect Integration 2.0 provides comprehensive benefits to various stakeholders involved in systems engineering. For example, system architects and engineers can create accurate models based on codeBeamer requirements. At the same time, it ensures that these requirements are covered by the models and that the impact of requirements changes can be easily determined. Requirements engineers, in turn, can immediately see the extent to which requirements are already covered and the impact of requirements changes through possible links to model elements. With the integration, they can also derive system requirements from an architecture imported from Enterprise Architect. As for test engineers, the integration helps them define accurate test cases based on the design or architecture imported from Enterprise Architect.

Overall, the new Polarion ALM – Enterprise Architect integration closes the loop between requirements and model artifacts in an MBSE environment. For end product developers with complex systems engineering processes, the software integration provides traceability, transparency and increased speed of delivery. References between requirements are available in Enterprise Architect, while connections between requirements and architecture are represented in Polarion. This allows users to easily monitor and manage complex product development processes, even in regulated industries.

LemonTree.Connect provides engineers with a seamless view between EA and Jama Connect by synchronizing any data element, diagram, or traces. This technology enables version control, comparison, and merging of architectural models and establishes traceability between imported requirements from Jama Connect and architectural elements in EA.


Import requirements to Enterprise Architect

Export architecture elements and traceability information to an ALM tool

Navigate from ALM Tool to EA and from EA to ALM Tool

Support for links between imported requirements and links between architecture and requirements


ALM Tool Grafik

LemonTree.Connect + Enterprise Architect: a strong team

GIT style workflows and integrations are central topics in the MBSE community right now! When it comes to Application Lifecycle Management, we think codeBeamer is the best solution for these processes. Therefore it was clear for us to further deepen the cooperation with Intland to develop additional features for the integration of ALM and MBSE.

Daniel Siegl

Business Developer at LieberLieber Software

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