Diff & Merge

3-way diffing and merging of Enterprise Architect models

Branches of models

Branches of models (longer-term, parallel development of versions and variants)

Model versioning

Parallel editing of models through optimistic model versioning

Merge- Preview

Diagram merge and merge preview


Seamless integration with Subversion and Git


Changes are visualized clearly and understandably for review (including preview)


You'll recognize some of the organizations already benefiting from Fresh Model Versioning:

Fresh News

The rapidly-growing automotive supplier Preh Car Connect GmbH is re-establishing its software development on the Product Family Engineering methodology. Preh engineers, already longtime Enterprise Architect users, were recently introduced to LemonTree from LieberLieber. The new concept was unveiled in a joint presentation and is nothing......

  We have created a new version of LemonTree © for you! This new LemonTree version has a focus on improving existing functionality. We have again optimized its performance, memory usage and stability. In addition, we have realized a new and smart way of grouping......

In many cases model based software and systems development is done by dispersed groups of developers. Therefore the diffing and merging of different model versions is very important. Konrad Wieland explains in his powerpoint slides what possibilities Enterprise Architect offers to meet this challenge. But......



Daniel has worked since 2000 with model-based software engineering and continues to keep track...like tracks for R/C trucks and jeeps.

Daniel Siegl


Konrad is Marketing head and is specialist for team collaboration in the areas of Model-Based Engineering (MBE) as well as effective child-rearing techniques with a focus on outdoor areas near wine gardens.

Konrad Wieland

Product Manager

Roman leads Research & Development and commands profound knowledge of industrial applications and highly-detailed do-it-yourself house construction over extremely long periods of time.

Roman Bretz


Philipp is the youngest on the team and acts as Technology, Integration, American Football & Pokemon expert.

Philipp Kalenda




MB Model


Mio. Elements




Seconds for Diff


Extensions & Adaptations

So that you can incorporate LemonTree into your day-to-day work in the best possible way, we’ll configure the tool according to your requirements and, if necessary, even extend its range of functionalities. Regardless of which language you do your modeling in (UML, SysML, BPMN, etc.) or if you would like you have additional features in the GUI, we are able to create the right solution for you. By the way, LemonTree can diff & merge models from Enterprise Architect as well as from other modeling tools.

Support & Maintenance

Our Support Team is ready to help your work with LemonTree progress as comfortably as possible. We also have training specialists with years of project knowledge standing by to ensure you receive the greatest benefit possible when using your system, and we’ll incorporate your experience gained from using LemonTree to continually improve its functionality and effectiveness. Don’t hesitate to contact us – we’ll find the right solution for you!


LemonTree can be seamlessly integrated with existing versioning systems (Subervsion, Git or PTC), allowing the centralized, automated management of model versions. This also enables parallel editing of models within a team environment, the standard approach with source code for years. In such case, LemonTree is addressed as a 3rd-party Diff & Merge tool as soon as a model is checked into the central repository.

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