Diff & Merge

3-way diffing and merging of Enterprise Architect models

Model versioning

Parallel editing of models through optimistic model versioning


 Seamless integration with Subversion and Git

Branches of models

Branches of models (longer-term, parallel development of versions and variants)

Merge- Preview

Diagram merge and merge preview



Changes are visualized clearly and understandably for review (including preview)

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“LieberLieber’s approach is very pragmatic: You can continue to use existing software and still switch to a model-based approach when it makes sense. This makes it much easier for us to decide on the fly whether or not to take this step. This also allow us to intensify our cooperation with LieberLieber on an ongoing basis, trying out new things over and over again.”

Klaus Kindl

Founder and CEO at Petwalk Solutions, Petwalk Solutions

“Product line development means a great change for us in the company. The support of suitable tools such as LemonTree is an important aspect here. Among other things, the product helps us to track changes in the project models better and more accurately.”

Dipl.-Informatiker Tim Michaelis

Software architect at Preh Car Connect, Preh Car Connect

“In general, standards such as IEC 61508 demand the application of configuration management. This refers to all artifacts, including UML models. LemonTree from LieberLieber is our key to revealing the changes that have been made to a revision.”

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Stefan Müller

HIMA Paul Hildebrandt GmbH

Fresh News


LemonTree 2.0 – New Release

Many customers in the automotive industry already successfully model with Enterprise Architect and optimize their teamwork and model versioning (Diff & Merge) with LieberLieber LemonTree. Get started with LemonTree 2.0 now and use the new features: If you already...

LemonTree 1.7

This brand new version 1.7 provides a lot improvements and new features: LemonTree has further improved performance on startup and when  writing the merged file. (~10-20%) When selecting elements in "Diagram View" or "Tree View", the elements get highlighted in the...

LemonTree 1.6

LemonTree Version 1.6 is now available for you! This new LemonTree version is a maintenance release, with a focus on improving existing functionality. In addition, we now support the new EA14 .eapx file format! What is new?...

LemonTree 1.5.5

We have created a new minor release of LemonTree © for you: Version 1.5.5 is now available for you! We update LemonTree as often as possible to make it even faster and more stable. In this minor release we have fixed an issue regarding the recursive selection of...

Enterprise Architect & LemonTree

In many cases model based software and systems development is done by dispersed groups of developers. Therefore the diffing and merging of different model versions is very important. Konrad Wieland explains in his powerpoint slides what possibilities Enterprise...

LemonTree 1.4

We have created a new version of LemonTree © for you! LemonTree 1.4 is a maintenance release, with a focus on improving existing functionality. In addition, LemonTree now notifies you automatically when a new release is available. In the meanwhile LemonTree has grown...

LemonTree 1.3

LemonTree, the revolutionary diff & merge tool for model-based development projects, continues to enjoy market acceptance. Among the most well-known customers are Bosch, Deutsche Bahn, Hima, Infineon, McLaren, Mitsubishi Electric, Schaeffler, Toll Collect, Valeo...

New Help Site

We have created a new help site for LemonTree. First content is available under help.lieberlieber.com On this site you currently find information about the GUI and how it can be integrated in your Version Control System such as git or SVN. More content will come...

Visit us at embedded world!

LieberLieber Software and SparxSystems Central Europe will be presenting exciting innovations in model-based software development at their joint stand #449 in hall 4 at embedded world 2017. The newest highlights: Enterprise Architect 13 and LieberLieber LemonTree 1.2....

LemonTree 1.2

LieberLieber introduces the new version 1.2 of LemonTree, optimized for collaboration with version management systems. This update provides for improvements in performance and the diffing & merging of model versions. The goal of LieberLieber LemonTree, the...


You’ll recognize some of the organizations already benefiting from Fresh Model Versioning:


Daniel Siegl

Daniel Siegl



Dr. Konrad Wieland

Dr. Konrad Wieland

Product Manager


Roman Bretz

Roman Bretz



Philipp Kalenda

Philipp Kalenda










Extensions & Adaptations

So that you can incorporate LemonTree into your day-to-day work in the best possible way, we’ll configure the tool according to your requirements and, if necessary, even extend its range of functionalities. Regardless of which language you do your modeling in (UML, SysML, BPMN, etc.) or if you would like you have additional features in the GUI, we are able to create the right solution for you. By the way, LemonTree can diff & merge models from Enterprise Architect as well as from other modeling tools.

Support & Maintenance

Our Support Team is ready to help your work with LemonTree progress as comfortably as possible. We also have training specialists with years of project knowledge standing by to ensure you receive the greatest benefit possible when using your system, and we’ll incorporate your experience gained from using LemonTree to continually improve its functionality and effectiveness. Don’t hesitate to contact us – we’ll find the right solution for you!



LemonTree can be seamlessly integrated with existing versioning systems (Subervsion, Git or PTC), allowing the centralized, automated management of model versions. This also enables parallel editing of models within a team environment, the standard approach with source code for years. In such case, LemonTree is addressed as a 3rd-party Diff & Merge tool as soon as a model is checked into the central repository.


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