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Managing different versions of the same model. LemonTree is the Plug & Play model versioning tool (Diff & Merge) that revolutionizes the work of a distributed modeling team and supports compliance with required standards such as ISO 26262.

LemonTree Automation is a server-based version of LemonTree without user interface. This LemonTree version can automatically compare or merge models. When merging, it will try to automatically merge a given set of models and indicate the success via an exit code.

LemonTree.Connect allows users to synchronize requirements, model attributes, and links and references between ALM Tools and Enterprise Architect. This makes it even easier to navigate back and forth between two platforms while the development data is automatically synchronized.

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The NAFv4 profile we developed for Enterprise Architect is available free of charge to all interested parties to promote the dissemination and compatibility of UAF-based NAFv4 architectures”. In addition, LieberLieber’s LemonTree was also recently given a positive assessment in studies on architectural tools. “We are constantly working on the further development of our architectural tool landscape. To evaluate LemonTree, we have purchased a number of licences and have found that this tool provides us with significant added value.

Christian Freihoff
System Architect IT-Systems, Bundeswehr


We are happy to announce the partnership with LieberLieber for the Italian distribution of the Lemon Tree product. With this partnership Emerasoft will be able to strengthen its position in the software and systems modeling market by providing its customers with the opportunity to integrate powerful versioning functions with the high modeling capabilities of the Enterprise Architect tool.

Riccardo Bernasconi
CEO of Emerasoft


With LemonTree from LieberLieber our team has succeeded in taking the collaborative editing and management of our software models to a new level. Packages can now be edited in parallel, instead of only sequentially as before. Thanks to 3-way-merge we can merge changes or different development branches at any time in a traceable and controlled way. Packages from one software platform can be distributed more efficiently into different projects and versioned in Git with the same life cycle, parallel to the source code. In this way, consistency and traceability are always guaranteed. In addition, LemonTree supports us in the review process: Changes – whether our own or those of colleagues – and their effects are checked clearly and quickly before merging. In this way, conflicts can be identified early on and robustness is increased. We are enthusiastic about the fact that the functions of LemonTree are constantly being expanded, whereby LieberLieber collects the wishes and requirements of the customers and incorporates them into the roadmap.

Stephan Reuter
Speaker Software development processes, methods and tools,

Infineon Technologies

Thanks to LemonTree, we can now also use the proven processes and workflows from classic software engineering for models. The tool also meets all our requirements in change and configuration management. Therefore, we are now very happy to use the tool and want to further evaluate it with regard to new topics such as BitBucket or Package Management.

Srinivas Shenoy
Firmware Engineer at Infineon Technologies

CONET Solutions GmbH

LemonTree enables us to make the processes in enterprise architecture management transparent and comprehensible for our customers and partners. Combined with decentralised version management systems such as GIT, we can now work on the creation of architectures in a distributed manner and merge them again without losing the thread. We are very excited to see how Package Management will support these processes even further.

Markus Schmitz
Software Architect, CONET Solutions GmbH


Up to now, we have tried to meet the constantly growing requirements by reorganising and adapting. But with the active support of LieberLieber, we have succeeded in making model-based systems engineering the backbone of our development organisation. For us, MBSE is also the basis for solving the challenges around processes and SPICE, it also enables the solution-oriented cooperation of all persons involved in the development. The control of all versions and variants of the models created in the development process was the most important requirement for the stable anchoring of MBSE in the company. LieberLieber supported us very well in this with their profound practical knowledge as well as with tools such as Enterprise Architect and LemonTree, thus promoting internal persuasion.

Hermann Gollwitzer
System Architect for infotainment systems, Volkswagen


You’ll recognize some of the organizations already benefiting from Fresh Model Versioning:

LemonTree News

LemonTree for Enterprise Architecture Management

User-centric model versioning for business and IT Your expertise for the research project of LieberLieber Software GmbH What is LT4EAM?A co-creative research project of the software company LieberLieber for LemonTree, a plug-and-play product for model versioning (diff...
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New Release – LemonTree 4.0

With version 4.0, the LemonTree family now has a completely new user interface as well as innovations for web-based reviews and continuous integration. The new user interface has been optimised for user friendliness and feedback and offers a 4K resolution for even...


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Extensions & Adaptations

So that you can incorporate LemonTree into your day-to-day work in the best possible way, we’ll configure the tool according to your requirements and, if necessary, even extend its range of functionalities. Regardless of which language you do your modeling in (UML, SysML, BPMN, etc.) or if you would like you have additional features in the GUI, we are able to create the right solution for you. By the way, LemonTree can diff & merge models from Enterprise Architect as well as from other modeling tools.


Support & Maintenance

Our Support Team is ready to help your work with LemonTree progress as comfortably as possible. We also have training specialists with years of project knowledge standing by to ensure you receive the greatest benefit possible when using your system, and we’ll incorporate your experience gained from using LemonTree to continually improve its functionality and effectiveness. Don’t hesitate to contact us – we’ll find the right solution for you!



LemonTree can be seamlessly integrated with existing versioning systems (Subervsion, Git or PTC), allowing the centralized, automated management of model versions. This also enables parallel editing of models within a team environment, the standard approach with source code for years. In such case, LemonTree is addressed as a 3rd-party Diff & Merge tool as soon as a model is checked into the central repository.


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