LemonTree 3.0:
Check your package versions!

LemonTree was developed to use versioning systems like Git also for models. Now, with LemonTree version 3.0, split your models as you like and benefit from precise version control of the individual model parts.

Up to now, we have tried to meet the constantly growing requirements by reorganising and adapting. But with the active support of LieberLieber, we have succeeded in making model-based systems engineering the backbone of our development organisation. For us, MBSE is also the basis for solving the challenges around processes and SPICE, it also enables the solution-oriented cooperation of all persons involved in the development. The control of all versions and variants of the models created in the development process was the most important requirement for the stable anchoring of MBSE in the company. LieberLieber supported us very well in this with their profound practical knowledge as well as with tools such as Enterprise Architect and LemonTree, thus promoting internal persuasion.


Hermann Gollwitzer

System Architect for infotainment systems, Volkswagen

With LemonTree from LieberLieber our team has succeeded in taking the collaborative editing and management of our software models to a new level. Packages can now be edited in parallel, instead of only sequentially as before. Thanks to 3-way-merge we can merge changes or different development branches at any time in a traceable and controlled way. Packages from one software platform can be distributed more efficiently into different projects and versioned in Git with the same life cycle, parallel to the source code. In this way, consistency and traceability are always guaranteed. In addition, LemonTree supports us in the review process: Changes – whether our own or those of colleagues – and their effects are checked clearly and quickly before merging. In this way, conflicts can be identified early on and robustness is increased. We are enthusiastic about the fact that the functions of LemonTree are constantly being expanded, whereby LieberLieber collects the wishes and requirements of the customers and incorporates them into the roadmap.

Stephan Reuter

Speaker Software development processes, methods and tools,ANDREAS STIHL AG & Co. KG

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Develop your product lines with distributed teams and integrate your suppliers right away. LemonTree gives you flexibility for the entire lifecycle.

Split into individual components
Division of models into individual components that remain connected to each other

Life cycle for model parts
Individual model parts are given their own life cycle

Compare versions (Diff)
Analyze model changes precisely and easily

Merging model parts
Merge different model versions in a controlled manner

Online Training on
“Model Versioning for Teams”

For the optimal cooperation of distributed development teams and the versioning of models, we offer training courses in which you get to know different version management tools as well as the best possible handling of LemonTree© for your purposes.