Daniel Siegl: “The victims of a lack of SysML v2 conformity will be the users!” – Discussion about SysML v2 on the Systems Engineering Trends blog

Daniel Siegl from LieberLieber recently organised a top-class discussion on the topic of SysML v2 conformance, which has now been published on the blog “Systems Engineering Trends – News from the world of systems engineering every week”. The founder and author of the blog, Michael Jastram, spoke with Andreas Pollom (Fraunhofer IESE), Daniel Siegl, Robert Karban (co-founder of OpenMBEE and until recently at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory) and Vince Molnár (assistant professor at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics).
This panel was organised because SysML v2 compliance is currently in acute danger. If a solution to this problem is not found soon, this could be a major setback for SysML and MBSE. The victims will be the users who expect their work results to be interoperable. Therefore, the panellists appeal to the MBSE community to take action now and actively contribute to the work around SysML v2 confromity!

The discussion was held in English (the video is available in part 1 of the discussion) and summarised in German by Michael Jastram.

Read the highly interesting conversation (2 parts, German) or watch the English video here and participate in the discussion: