Our Expertise

LieberLieber is the skilled Enterprise Architect (Sparx Systems) specialist with decades of experience in the development of customer-specific models. Our LemonTree and Embedded Engineer extensions make working with models faster and more efficient. We focus on three main areas of expertise:

Model-Based Systems Engineering

Modern electronic systems have to fulfill more and more requirements and therefore often become very complex. For decades, a proven means for reducing this complexity has been the use of models (architecture, mechanical engineering, etc.). LieberLieber is well-versed in the development of customized models and therefore possesses excellent know-how. When it comes to Systems Engineering, we offer you:

  • Profound knowledge of development languages such as UML, SysML, etc.
  • AUTOSAR MDG technology
  • Embedded code generation
  • Model Validation 

Modeling Infrastructure

Any company’s established IT infrastructure can be adapted for efficient modeling. It is essential to make the best possible use of existing structures and available data when creating an interactive working environment for modeling teams. LieberLieber’s vast project experience has resulted in an effective method for creating modeling infrastructures that meet even the most complex requirements. A model-based approach is also very helpful for keeping track of variance in product line activities.

Integration with Enterprise Architect

Modern IT solutions utilize data originating from many sources. The best and most efficient way to handle this diversity is with a model-based approach. Our years of experience have provided us with the know-how required to connect such data sources to Enterprise Architect in the best possible way. We can achieve fast and flexible handling of data from a wide variety of sources, even in the most complex IT infrastructures. Try it: The performance of our integration solutions will surprise you!