It is with great regret that we announce the death of Martin Muhr, who was instrumental in shaping the development of the Lieber.Group for over twelve years. Martin was the Managing Director of LieberLieber for many years, where he introduced and facilitated product management and marketing. In his last role at Lieber.Group, he established group-wide financial controlling, managed group IT, and was responsible for human resources, an area particularly close to his heart. In this role, he implemented apprenticeship programs and became a mentor for many employees in their professional development. He advocated not rushing into anything and making prudent and well thought-out decisions. He also knew how to clearly distinguish the tasks of an entrepreneur from the tasks of a manager in the company with regard to successful corporate development. Thus, with Martin, the Lieber.Group loses a highly versed, sometimes unconventionally thinking manager who was an important sparring partner for many of us in our daily work. Martin has left his mark – the still young Lieber.Group would not have been possible without his shaping. We will sorely miss him and will continue to build on what he imparted to us. Our special sympathy goes out to his family and loved ones.

Rest in peace, your team of the Lieber.Group