How to successfully work with LemonTree.Components and LemonTree.Automation in a build pipeline using version control

This white paper describes how to integrate LemonTree.Components and LemonTree.Automation into a DevOps process to efficiently manage the lifecycle of partial models.

In order to operate lifecycle management for parts of the model or individual components, the model must be split up. The resulting sub-models can then be maintained individually. LemonTree.Components makes it possible to specify parts of an Enterprise Architect model as reusable components and to separate them from the model. These components can then be edited as an independent model, versioned and fed back into the overall model.

Depending on the working method, the overall model is regularly updated and a new revision of the components is imported. This task is performed by LemonTree.Automation, integrated in a build server pipeline. In this way, models are integrated into familiar processes and changes remain visible and testable.