Enterprise Architect

Enterprise Architect (EA) is a reliable, function-rich, flexible and comprehensive modeling tool for UML, SysML, BPMN and many other technologies. It is an unbeatable competitive advantage for your systems development, project management and business analysis. An adaptable modeling platform with many technologies – at a sensible price.


Named User/Basic License
With the basic license, the user must ensure that a valid license key per parallel running instance of EA is available. This means that a user (Named User) can install his version of EA on multiple computers, for example one at home and one at the office, whereby only one instance can run at any given time. (The Desktop and Professional versions of EA are available with basic license only.)

Concurrent Use/Floating License
Floating licenses are implemented in companies which would like to keep themselves informed on how their employees use Enterprise Architect. This service is contained in the Floating license and is available in the Sparx Enterprise Key Store. The Key Store is installed in the network and provides the license key for the user to check out. Keys can be managed by the administrator. Enterprise Architect can be installed as often as desired; the number of instances in concurrent use is regulated by the number of Floating Keys. More information can be found in the Keystore desription.

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