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As the partner of Sparx Systems, in its day-to-day operations LieberLieber Software began to notice growing interest in a tool that could enable access to data from models developed in Enterprise Architect. The result is the LieberLieber Web Collaborator tool. LieberLieber Web Collaborator enables simple web-based access to Enterprise Architect models which allows those persons, whose familiarity with Enterprise Architect is limited, to access information from the developed models in a form that is understandable to them. (See the System & Installation Requirements.)


No client installation necessary

The user is not required to install anything at all. All one needs is a web browser. Depending on requirements, LieberLieber Web Collaborator is scalable and also be called from the Microsoft Azure Cloud. The user needs no experience with models, yet can still access the live data from the corresponding model. Depending on the role within the development process, data can be called up and edited in various views and at the desired informational depth. Due to its ability to adapt to each user and their roles in Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), LieberLieber Web Collaborator brings programmers, principals and customers even closer together.

An overview of LieberLieber Web Collaborator:

  • Simpler, web-based access to Enterprise Architect models
  • No installation required, secure browser access
  • No modeling experience necessary
  • Role-based information filtering
  • Scalable and able to operate in the Cloud

Web-based access to Enterprise Architect models

Open your Web browser and immediately start working with special views on your Enterprise Architect Models. LieberLieber Web Collaborator for Enterprise Architect reduces EA’s complexity to several aggregated views matching the needs of your daily work, and also shortens the learning curve dramatically. The modifications are stored directly in a central EA repository and is immediately available for other users working at the same time on the same model. Customizable views fulfil the needs of each involved role and enable everybody involved in a project to participate in the workflow around an EA model.


  • WEB-based access to Enterprise Architect (EA) models from everywhere
  • No client installation required
  • Simple table-based user interface – no modeling knowhow required
  • Work on same EA models via web browser and with EA application
  • Customizable role-oriented views
  • Traceability through all development phases
  • Scalable from local up to enterprise level
  • All in one – communication platform for different roles, suppliers and customers

Role-Based Workflow and Model Access

Access Sparx Systems’ Enterprise Architect Models on the Web with LieberLieber Web Collaborator. LieberLieber Web Collaborator allows the definition of different roles suiting the different processes in your organization and working in parallel using different client technology. Consider the following example:

Requirement Engineers use views for capturing different types of requirements and connecting them for traceability purposes.
Customer uses views for reviewing and approving requirements.
Project Manager uses views for controlling project status, tracking issues and change requests.
Administrator has capabilities for the definition of role-specific views, configuration of database connections, and other settings.
System Engineer, Software Architect and other advanced users may continue using native desktop Enterprise Architect clients for developing the system’s design as usual.

View, navigate and filter elements in an intuitive way

Organize yourself as you need and like it. Web Collaborator allows you to organise the elements in a way that fits to your needs and brings also fun into your daily work.

Easy-to-use authoring tools with enhanced hyperlink capabilities

Web Collaborator provides a straight-forward way to create and maintain different Artefacts like Requirements, Use Cases, Components, etc. With the Integrated editor you may review the content and collaborate with your team members to get the best result possible. Editing all relevant EA properties incl. Tagged Values and Attached Documents is possible.

Chart Dashboards

You can use simple charts like pie-charts to aggregate repository information (like what status information have all my requirements, which user has locked how many elements, etc.) in a very intuitive and visual way.

Embedded matrix analysis Dashboard

Aggregated views support decision makers to overcome huge amount of data by identifying hotspots and much more.
Attach a matrix to aggregate the information defined in a view (e.g. All Requirements) by Status and Type to get an overview which kind of Requirement is in which state.

System Requirements for Web Collaborator

Windows Version
Windows 2008SP2 or higher, 32bit and 64bit are supported
SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 Compact or higher than configuration database
SQL Server 2005 or higher than repository storage (on demand: other DBMS which are supported by EA)
IIS 7 or higher
DotNET Framework 4.0
Recommended memory: 4GB or more
Demand for hard disc is only depending on model/database size and on the used database (cache); remain free at least main memory size * 2

Virtual machines and clusters are supported. Scaling is depending on the possibilities of the operating system, internet server and DBMS.
Note: single server environment is recommended only up to 50 users and within Intranet scenarios.

Installation Requirements for Web Collaborator

1. Install a Microsoft Windows Server 2008 machine

2. Install the Microsoft IIS Web Server Role
Please install the IIS Web Server role. For further details please visit: See also the notes below the table for further details on which IIS Web Server role services have to be installed.

3. Install the Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0
Important: Please read the notes below the table if the .NET Framework 4.0 is already installed on your machine. You can use .NET Version Detector ( to check your current installed .NET Framework versions. Install Microsoft .NET Framework

4. Install the Microsoft ASP.Net MVC 3 Framework
You can download ASP.Net MVC 3 from (Please choose AspNetMVC3ToolsUpdateSetup.exe)

5. Install the Microsoft Web Deploy extension
Web Deploy simplifies deployment of Web applications and Web sites to Microsoft IIS servers. You can download Web Deploy from Please use this for 64 bit OS ( or this for 32 bit (

6. Install the Microsoft SQL Server Compact Framework 4.0
This task can be skipped if the enar web collaborator Database is running on a stand-alone SQL Server instance (Recommended). You can download SQL Server Compact 4.0 from If this is for 64 bit OS, please download and install the 64 bit version (SSCERuntime_x64-ENU.exe) or 32 bit version (SSCERuntime_x86-ENU.exe).

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