In the course of the restructuring of the Peter Lieber group of companies, LieberLieber Software also made some changes in order to be able to serve its customers even more effectively and efficiently. The management is now in the hands of Dr. Konrad Wieland, who has been familiar with the company in various functions for a long time.

The IT and software industry is known for its fast pace and the associated change of products, services and company structures. It is therefore not surprising that companies are also constantly changing their organization in order to adapt even better to the new market conditions. In the course of the restructuring of the Peter Lieber Group of Companies, LieberLieber Software therefore also made some changes in order to be able to serve its customers even more effectively and efficiently. Dr. Konrad Wieland, the new CEO of LieberLieber, comments:

Our internal discussion process on restructuring had been going on for some time and has now been concluded with the creation of a holding structure. The focus of our considerations has always been on how we can provide our customers with even better and more comprehensive service. At the same time, we had to find a lean, effective and also efficient structure in order to be able to deal in the best possible way with the rapid changes in the markets we address.
Dr. Konrad Wieland

CEO of LieberLieber Software

The company’s previous management team has been entrusted with new tasks: Martin Muhr is now responsible for the finances of the entire group, while Daniel Siegl has been entrusted with business development and special support for the two target markets USA and Canada. He will also remain CEO of LieberLieber’s US subsidiary. CTO Roman Bretz has left the company.

Exploiting synergies within the Group

One of the main reasons that led to the decision in favour of a holding structure was the desire to make even better use of synergies within the Group. Peter Lieber, owner of the Peter Lieber Group of Companies:

The holding company is made up of a number of companies involved in model-based software and system development. With the new structure, we want to emphasize the togetherness of these companies and thus activate synergies that we have not used enough so far. With Konrad Wieland at the head of LieberLieber, we have an experienced and highly qualified manager who also wants to promote cooperation within the Group. I wish Konrad every success in his new position and am sure that he will continue to build on LieberLieber’s success.
Peter Lieber

Owner of the Peter Lieber Group

New markets, extended services

For Wieland, it is clear that the software companies gathered in the group have essentially the same story to tell: “We pursue very similar goals, only with different specializations. This same core identity should make it easy for us to support each other more and to achieve benefits for all sides”. This is especially true when developing new business areas or conquering new target markets. “With Daniel Siegl, we have an experienced business developer who will take special care of the USA and Canada, markets that are becoming increasingly important for us.”
Wieland sees a further focus in the expansion of consulting, training and support, an important component of the “LieberLieber 360° principle”. “Our customers work in highly complex development environments and in many cases enter uncharted territory with their projects. We want to support them increasingly with targeted offers that include consulting, training and support. It is our declared goal to develop our offer from a deep understanding of the growing requirements of our customers and to accompany them continuously on their way to success”. To this end, the partner landscape is also being continuously expanded in order to be able to access specific know-how quickly.

Daniel Siegl
Business Developer of LieberLieber Software, CEO of the US subsidiary

More online offers

The current corona pandemic strengthens the decision to provide the community with more online services. The first of these will be a webinar on Thursday, April 2 at 3 p.m. on the topic “Modeling based on Feature-Branches (for improved teleworking)”, which will be held by Daniel Siegl. “Even in view of the Corona pandemic, we want to remain in close contact with our customers and interested parties. This will involve the increased use of digital options such as webinars, e-training, etc. So be there on April 2 and stay in touch with us even in difficult times. Let’s use all opportunities together to be well prepared to continue working on new projects after the pandemic has abated,” Wieland concluded.

Thursday, April 2 at 3 p.m.

Speaker: Philipp Kalenda, Daniel Siegl

Modeling based on Feature-Branches (for improved teleworking)

Das LieberLieber

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