Philipp Kalenda presented a comprehensive scenario at Mesconf in his one-hour talk “Requirements & Architecture: Managing Traces in a model-based Build Pipeline” including the recently introduced LemonTree family (see graphic). The interest was very high and there were so many specific questions from the audience that the live demo conducted did not quite reach its end. We are very pleased to have shown obviously interesting approaches to current problems and are therefore very happy to make the presentation available.
Abstract: Only through relations and links a model becomes intelligent. Through these references it is possible to analyze the model, to validate it or to extract information (like reports, code generation, etc.). Since requirements often originate from ALM tools, integration is used to establish a relationship between requirements and architectural elements. With LemonTree Automation and our LemonTree.Connect integrations, we at LieberLieber offer a way to automatically synchronize links between requirements and architecture in a build pipeline and thus keep them consistent.

The presentation was first dedicated to the explanation of LieberLieber ALM integrations and the principle of “one leading system for data”. Then it was explained how models in a build pipeline can be automatically checked and made available for reviews. Finally, Philipp Kalenda showed in a live demo how the links between requirements and model are kept consistent and up-to-date via the build pipeline.

The slides can be downloaded here: