In this second webinar from LieberLieber and Parallel Agile, we’ll be discussing the management of Enterprise Architect (EA) models, and you will travel with us to the Bahamas! We’ll show you how LemonTree and Parallel Agile`s CodeBot can be used to create full stack web applications from EA models.

The real power of CodeBot-driven UX development is the ability to create new versions of an application in minutes, so that clients can provide immediate feedback to the developers – a highly agile approach, but with all the rigor of UML modeling.  With CodeBot, the model is the code, and LemonTree is essential to manage it.

Short iterations are key to developing a refined and client-tested user interface (and associated database). The Parallel Agile process allows each use case to be developed by an independent developer; this produces fast results but also produces countless model/code variants, so version management with LemonTree is essential.

As a practical example we have chosen a Location Based Advertising (LBA) system for the Bahamas. This is a voucher delivery system that allows advertisers to register for an account, log in and publish vouchers to be delivered when the customer enters a specific geographic area (geofence). These vouchers are received by the LBA mobile app, which is also connected to the hosted API.

Learn more about Parallel Agile and CodeBot.

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20. May,  2021 2pm (EST) / 11am (PST) / 20:00 (CET)

Doug Rosenberg,
Daniel Siegl, LieberLieber



no participation fee