LieberLieber Software: Next-generation doors for cats and dogs


Petwalk, the Austrian specialist for automatic dog and cat doors, is on an expansion course. In order to meet the strict safety regulations required for access to the American market, the company sought the support of LieberLieber. Together, they are now developing a model-based solution that demonstrably meets all safety regulations. Wien/Ternitz – Petwalk Solutions, […]

LieberLieber Software: LemonTree 1.4


LemonTree 1.4 is a maintenance release, with a focus on improving existing functionality. In addition, LemonTree now notifies you automatically when a new release is available.

LieberLieber Software: Hirschmann makes waves with Embedded Engineer


Hirschmann Car Communication is a leading German supplier of transmitter and receiver systems. The company has long based its systems development on Enterprise Architect. Now, in a preliminary project for a remote tuner, LieberLieber Embedded Engineer is being used to generate executable source code from their UML system model. Hirschman Car Communication employs 140 engineers […]

LieberLieber Software: From Data Streams to Models


After completing its first project with a Christian Doppler Laboratory (CDL) at the end of 2016, LieberLieber is now continuing this commitment. Together they seek ways to transform live data streams directly into models within the framework of industry 4.0. After gaining valuable experience in the handling of machine languages found in widespread use in […]

LieberLieber Software: LemonTree 1.3 with optimized performance


Building on healthy demand, LieberLieber LemonTree is now poised to conquer the Japanese market with the support of a key local partner. Meanwhile, the latest Release 1.3 brings even more improvements in speed and stability. LieberLieber’s product improvement and internationalization once again go hand-in-hand to further strengthen sales success. Vienna, May 16th, 2017 – The […]